Sportstar Hiking and Heart Rate watch


- Functions:Heart Rate Monitor - By finger touch measure - Measuring Range: 30 to 240 BPM - Heart rate alert on: Audible and visual indication for out of HR zonelimit - 2 Heart rate zone limit selection: - Fitness zone (65% to 85% of estimated max. HR) - User defined by HRGPS and Navigations - GPS accuracy: 4 meters or less in normal GPS mode. - Navigation feature to guide the user to a stored waypoint by indicatingthe direction and distance - Tracks log features with configurable log period (default is 2 sec) andup to ~20,000 track log points.Digital Compass - Integrated in navigation function - 1 degree resolution - Backward bearing direction - Display cardinal directionPacer - Range: 30 to 180 bpm (beep per minute) - 5 bpm per step - Link with chronograph- 30-meter water resistant


feature test:
10 days