USB Flash Drive

A USB is a standard port that can be used with any computer to connect a large number of accessories and is an acronym that stands for Universal Serial Bus. A USB flash drive is a compact flash memory that lets the user transport and store large quantities of computer data better than disks, and acts like a portable hard drive.

When we make USB flash drives in Hong Kong, memory chips with 5 year warranties are used.

Nowadays, promotional USB flash drives are made small enough to be easily carried around by the consumers and can be used to hold huge amounts of data and information depending on the type purchased. They slip into your pocket easily and may be used as a keychain or even as a pendant to be hung around the neck.

The use of CDs, bulky floppy disks and Zip disks has been replaced by the emergence of the compact USB flash drive. Using a chip of internal flash memory, these tiny USBs are capable of copying and writing huge amount of data that is very much similar to a hard drive, with the added convenience of portability. They can store large amounts of data for long periods of time. Due to their fast performance in mobility, data transfer and advantages of marketing, these portable hard drives are more reliable for both business and personal use.

Here at Fulcorn, our flash drives are available in a wide range of designs that are ideal for sharing, storing and transporting data. These custom flash drives are the preferred and best high tech promotional items available.

With smart features these innovative USB flash drives come in various storage capabilities from 2GB and higher. They are compatible with other USB devices and most common operating systems, and are easily detectable by any computer and operate through plug-and-play system.

For use in offices, schools and other institutions, the customised promotional USBs are the best. They are brilliant promotional items that can be used as effective marketing tools and can be a great solution when it comes to trade shows, conventions and memorable corporate gifts. For customers who are looking to create promotional items, a USB flash drive is a useful gift that can be customised to include your company’s unique logo. Using your logo enables brand awareness, reaches a wide audience and can result in more clients.

For consumers who are required to move and store data and information on a regular basis, promotional USB flash drives provide a convenient solution. It is hard to beat the versatility and convenience this one little product can provide and is sure to see years of good use. As you can move and store whatever you like, you can create the perfect combination of work and play. Whether you need to store documents for work or share the latest music, movies and pictures with family and friends, we have the perfect solution.

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